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>> sdg&e. it's a long day and long nature for san francisco supervisors as the public shares its opinion about suspended sheriff mirkarimi. supervisors are deciding whether to take away his job for good. as we speak supervisors are still listening to public comment. they say
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they will listen to everyone wh wants to speak. vick l is inse the hearing. >> this case is about unecedented mayor power claiming discretion to charge any elected official in this of. >>reporter: former mayor among those who spoke in support of mirkarimi. most of those who appeared at the beginning were for the suspended sheriff. >> i have neve known ross in the time tt he has been a father and husband to ever be neglect of his duties as a husband, provider, and loving father. >>reporter: crowd of suppor supporters clearly out number mirkarimi detractors. suspended sheriff mirkarimi and wife lopez were greeted by strong supporters at city hall. witing cwd gr to about 0 or more. most of them seem to be his admirers. mark ream and lopez spoke to us outside. >> i am so happy with all the
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support. i hope the mayor and supervisors listen to the people because this is the message. >> it's culmination after 10 months of what has been an amazing ordeal agonizing to our family and to the san francisco family, frankly. >>reporter: meeting started promptly at 2 with packed chamber and standing room only at 2 overflow rooms. first the ethic commission president spoke about the members decision in august. >> by 4-1 vote the commission decided that the mayor had sustained the charges of official misconduct on the basis of the physicalbuse from the sheriff. >>reporter: deputy city attorney kaiser presented the mayor case. asking the supervisors to uphold his suspension. >> the sheriff in his testimony to them deliberately minimized and sanitized his account of the events of december 31. that he was not truthful. that he was not forthcoming.
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>>reporter: attorney david wagner represented mirkarimi. who sat in a corner of the chambers listening intently. >> punishment does not fit the crime. mirkarimi didn't commit misconduct while in office. mayor has never alleged that mirkarimi committed official misconduct in the performance of official duties. >>reporter: vick lee, abc 7 news and new development tonigh in the controvsial officer involved shooting of oakland man that generated so many protests. alameda county district attorney office says it will not file criminal charges against the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old allen. prosecutors say oakland officer miguel shot and killed allen in self-defense during a foot chase back in may. they say that he int add again at the officer but never fired i hideath pmptemany protest family and community members demanding that the police department release reports on the shooting. school crossing guard who was seriously injured by
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speeding car this morning was protecting her son when it happened. 47-year-old woman suffered 2 broken legs 5 broken ribs and broken neck when a car jumped a curb and plowed into her 11 year old son and another woman this morning in antioch. it was a terrible accident. the sister tells us that she pushed her son to safety as the car crashed into them. boy not seriously injured. now another woman who had just dropped off her child at turner elementary was also stuck. she and the woman both air-lifted to john muir hospital in walnut cree bothn veryerious condition tonit. witness say the hed the eeding car long before they saw it. >> i hear that audi very loud trying to run the red late. hit the curb. clipped the car there and piled right into the them. >> guy driving, playing in down the street and a car mountain middle. he hit the car. flip over. hit 3 people. i don't know how many people really were. but i saw also boy just
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flying. >> well after the audi rolled on to the driveway 2 men jumped out police say one returned and claimed that he was the driver. this fellow you are looking at there. police identified him as 22-year-old michael radcliff of oakland. he is under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. the other man ran away and last word we had he was still on the loose. he may have a warrant out for his arrest on another matter. yosemite national park employee reported missing at the park has been found. search crew located 23-year-old jessica garcia this afternoon. she was hurt but she was conscious. jessicauffere brokenip and brok thig bone. she w airifte o of augged aan southn yosete. bgaishe s aler a intablondition. garcboss repted he ssing after she faed to show up to work on sunday. she should be okay. well can i have kind of rescue mission. tourist at san francisco pier 39 got to see something they did not expect.
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it was dramatic rescue of an injured sea lyon spotted on the dock with something tightly wrapped around the neck. team from marine mammal center spotted but couldn't help it until they shot witness a tranquilizer to slow it down some. then they sneaked up on it and got it with a net. the thing that was on the neck was a plastic box strap. >> if those get that the ocean without being open and still a complete ring they are deadly. because these guys are real curious they will lack at it and nose it then get it on like a collar. >>porter: the danger is ey can oke tdeath on the straps ocourse. ea lyon evaluate few dayby vetat the marine mammal center before released back out to sea. well, it was close and over just few moments ago. a's are still alive in the american league division series. they pulled out the win tonight against the tigers. a's held detroit scoreless to win 2
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nothing f.they lost tonight they would have been knocked out of the play offs. tigers lead 2 games to 1. game 4 tomorrow evening at 6:37 at the coliseum. as for the giants, well it took 10 innings but they also got the job done tonight the. today game against cincinnati reds became really a defensive dual. red ended up with 4 heather. giants 3. 2 of them came in the tenth inning and scored the winning run. reds still lead the series 2-1. tomorrow game 4 starts at 1:07. go giants and a's tomorrow. >> more to get to tonight. school budget at the mercy of of voters this november it seems. proposition raise taxes and fund schools. we look tonight at how they differ and why the opponent plan could be pilfered by politicians. >> also here. former coach sandusky sentenced to decades in prison. the victims response and why sandusky attorney says he lost the case. >> accu-weather forecast cente
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center. not only a chance of showers developing by tomorrow but maybe even thunder showers. accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks experience. also tonight. old and hidden note discovered in yosemite national park. connects 2 people 40 years apart. how the stories years apart. how the stories
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>> that is the sound of about 100 canister of eevter blown up today in calistoga. the crate of canister found yesterday by a cleaning crew at the napa county fairgrounds. but because of its volatility the sheriff's department decided it was safer to just blow it up right there than to try to move it around. sheriff's department officials say the eevter was packaged in 1957 and belonged to long forgotten stash of disaster supplies. it had been stored at the fairground for decades. but tonight it is no more. >> well some politic. democrat the rival tax measure to hold off on launch ago barrage of television ads. is we have the political battle that has california schools caught right in the middle. >>reporter: with proposition 38 behind in the poll, civil
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rights attorney launched a new attack ad slam ago competing tax measure pushed by governor brown. proposition 30. which also funds public education income tax hike. shows brown proposal may claim to fund schools but the money will probably be raided through the back door by politician. her brother charles amonger is also funding a separa mui-million dollar anti-3 mpai. >> prop 30 sends money here but lets the pitician take iout here. that's why sacramento is behind it. >>reporter: the governor campaign staff did not weren't this to happen. in fact pro prop 30 ads have stayed positive. >> prop 30 stops the cuts restore funding for our school. >> what they have didn't is taken their eye off the ball. this is no longer obviously about students and our future and funding our schools. this is about winning to them. >>reporter: amonger campaign did not return repeated calls and e-mails but in the past has
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said her proposal to raise the income tax on sliding scale is better iesting 31 milon dollars of her own money so far to get voters to agree. >> we think the governor kent have as georgian idea this year as we do. >>reporter: governor brown campaign did not want to reveal the next strategy. but typically you can not let a negative ad go unanswered. >> but the fact is we didn't changes this course. what we have is a civil war. >>reporter: steve is a democratic strategist not affiliated with either campaig campaign. he says both initiatives want to help schools with more money but may endoing thopposite. >>t thend of theday negative ad really doesn't help either campaign. usually brings both down. that could mean neither pass which is the worst case scenario for our school. >>reporter: stake are definitely high. if both tax measures pass the one with the most votes goes into effect. in sacramento, abc 7 news. san francisco is finally
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getting a target store all its own. mayor lee and the familiar store mascot were on hand this evening to innaugerate the new store. it's called city target and it takes up the entire second floor of the metro building 9 98,000 square feet. even so it's actually smaller than other targets. merchandise also taylored for an urban customer with smaller living space. >> you are not going to find large patio sets. 36 pack of paper towels. looking to make sure we edit our assortment down for the urban guest. >>reporter: store created 300 jobs. more than half going to city rest dechbilitys the retailer also trying out new concept in san francisco. selling athletic clothing in a separate store. if it works out it willuplate the concept other cities. >> we have a remkable sry to share with you now. kind of a message in the bottle found on dry land. backpacker came across a handwritten note left 40 years ago in a remote part of the sierra and then set out
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to contact the author. jonathan has this incredible tale. >> came over shephard pass that is steep pass. >>reporter: he has been backpacking his whole life. in nearly 70 years he thought he had seen it all. he hadn't until now. >> august 17, 1972. >>reporter: at the top of unnamed mountain so remote it took him 5 days to get there he found this perfectly preserved piece of paper. handwritten note some 40 years old neatly sealed inside a rusty metal film canister. >> tim taylor climbed to this peak age 13 years. height of the peak 12 7 85 feet. >>reporter: wright claimed up the same peak with his son and grand son and just happened to look down at his feet. >> what made you think to pick that up and open it. >> well the it was a strange object. it was a man made object in thilace with nothing o that kind aroun
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>>reporter: when he opened it to discover the note inside wright knew exactly what he had to do next. >> wow! i'll contact this guy. it will be fun. it has been. >>reporter: tim taylor turns out is now 53 and superior court judge in san diego. wright found him with help from taylor hometown newspaper. >> he just walked out tthe iveway pkedp th paper and there i was. >>rerter taylor sa it was his fatherho called hi to tell him he made the headlines. >> tim you are not going to believe this. you are in the papers for a note you left 40 years ago on some mountain top up in the sierra. >>reporter: aylor says avenues boy scout athe time d climbed th peaall by himsf to gt better viewf the lake whe his troop wa camped out. not named on any map he thinks he was the first person to climb that peak. suggested larry wright might be only the second. >> he kind of joked with me about unnamed peak. maybe i'll put in some kind of a request to have it named taylor wright
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peak. >>reporter: he would be just fine with that. in oakland, jonathan, abc 7 news. >> isn't that a great story. >> talkabout the weather forecast. xperience is here we hit d weak. >> we have sprinkle in the bay area rate now. wildly scattered but sprinkles nonetheless. live view from the high definition mount tam camera on to the bay on to the city by the way. on this night that features partly cloudy skies. increationly cloudy skies as a matter of fact and now a live done her 7 hd you can see this evening is also featuring a light scattered shower mainly in the south bay but also in the peninsula right now. light scattered showers south of san francisco right around millbrae and farther south at san jose south between there and morgan hill over in the santa cruz mountains pest ka dare and area of show activity oshore. this is all very light. some justrin sprinkles but the wet weher is developing and tomorrow we may even have a thunder shower or 2 which i will get to in a
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moment. temperature readings 59 degrees here at san francisco. 62 across the bay in oakland. 56 cool 56 up at santa rosa and low 60's in the inland east bay and south basement on we good to the focasteatelds ntinuing to increas ovnight byhe w sprinkl ernight isolate thundetorms are possible tomorrow in the southern part of the viewing area and warming trend begins on saturday. all kinds of stuff going on. over nature tonight we see partly mostly cloudy skies. cool north bay with low dropping in the 40's and low in the low 50's and showers will continue to develop did you know south over the santa cruz mountains perhaps even spot or 2 over the east bay around fremont. on we good to the satellite radar composite image. the system destabilizing the atmosphere contributing to the shower. >> upper lel low showing you last couple dayoffshore with the counter klong wise circulation and here's the forecast animation starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight as hoe drops south ward and the sun
9:19 pm
heats atmosphere tomorrow and could see thunderstorms developing around monterey then later on thursday the low pushes inland in southern california it could trigger some snow. in fact likely to so ov the sierrand hier evati south o yomite up to aund 800 feet and higher. snow shower in october. become to the bay area tomorrow. farther north you go tomorrow the more sun you will see but lots of cloud down south. south b upper 60's low 70's and good chance of thunder shower activity in the afternoon hour hours. travel a bit northward up over the peninsula partly mainly cloudy skies. high pressure only in the 60's there on the coast low 60's. then around san francisco partly cloudy skies. hh of degrees downto. north bay sunny skiefor most of thehe da day. gh generally upper 60's to lows 70's. don't expect thunderstorms there. east bay partly cloudy high mainly in the 60's. 68 in inland city
9:20 pm
and partly sunny. mid 70's and active weather around monterey bay could see thunderstorms near santa cruz and farther south around carmel out to shower activity thunder shower activity as well. 7 day forecast srt to dry out on thursday and start waing up over th wean. 80's inland locations. and by the way mid 80's as we good into early next week. warm-up a lot in the inland location. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well as we continue tonight. north bay schools have inventive way to fight bullyin bullying. what they are doing at lunch time to make sure that no one becomes a target. >> 7 on your side michael finney with the low down on the appliance warranty. sentenced ones. michael says they can be a hit or miss proposition. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> can certainly be handy to have a service warranty for the aplainss. it can cover needed repair but do you get free service. michael explains that the answer is yes. and no. >> it's not working. >>reporter: she is showing us washington happen the day the clothes dryer coverageed out. >> push the button. nothing. >>reporter: just a big load of soggy clothes. and no way to dry them. luckily she had purchased this extended service warranty from whirlpool. >> nice young man came out. check everything with his little electrical probe. it's the timer. >>reporter: he told her to order a new timer and he 0would come back to install. >> came again. well it's defective. timer is defective. >>reporter: she went through e process all over again. she ordered the part. another technician came out. this guy
9:25 pm
shoos shook his head. >> he said well, you know it's not the timer. it's the door switch. >>reporter: she says technician didn't have a switch for a dryer but he did have one for a dishwasher. so he installed that one instead. >> well it worked for two days. and then it quit. >>reporter: so anoer repair man came out. he hadhe most low tech solution of all. >> he says well do you have any electrical tape? he says the screw has come loose. >>reporter: tape didn't help. so the technician said he would be back in a couple of weeks. >> weeks? that was too long. >> oh, boy. at that point my patience was turning into ange anger. >>reporter: it had been 8 week since the dryer broke. during all that time she was putting her wet clothes in the plastic bag driving them to her niece house and drying them there. she found out wet clothes are very heavy. especially after back surgery. >> iust havewothis a few
9:26 pm
ttlehingst a time. >>reporter finly she clled r own reir shop d paid heown repair.two yslate the driver ws -- dryer w working but she was out 150 dollars. >> that's when i went to receive on your side. >>reporter: we contacted whirlpool and it stepped up right away. company agreed to pay for the repair and refunded the cost of her warranty. within days she received this check for 2 56 dollars. whirlpool said it is also disheartening when consumer issue not able to be resolved quickly. in any appliance there can be several components involved with given function and sometimes it takes more than one one attempt to solve an issue. >> i'm so surprised and happy. thankful. kg o could help me. >>reporter: josephine says now that the dryer is working doing laundry never seemed so easy. likeo thank whlpool fo stepping up to resolve this so quickly. i'm michael, 7 on your side. >> former penn state football
9:27 pm
coach sandusky sentenced to 30 years in prison today but is that enough for victims to feel justice for the crime? their response and sandusky plan to fight the sentence. california republican attack democrat for the flies gas prices. why they believe the president and governor are to blame. and stonehenge stein in -- seen in new light. 3d technology with the any khept landmark the. those stories and baseball play off highlights. a's and giants highlights. a's and giants coming wen 7 news
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don't deposit checks from oyour smartphoneks. with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> some measure of closure tonight for jerry sandusky victims. for now the former coach will spend the rest of his life behind bars. however sandusky claims he will appeal. abc news reporter has the
9:31 pm
decision from pennsylvania. >>reporter: these pictures of jerry sandusky at the county courthouse could be the last time we see the former penn state football coach and convicted pedophile outside prison walls. today the 68-year-old received a state prison sentence of 30 to 60 years. order handed down after 3 of sanduskyvictims spoke including the young man known as victim no. 1. >> when the sentence was handed down he he was very emotional. plain to see what a big moment it was for him. >>reporter: when his turn sandusky spent his time in jail medicating. writing. reading book about persecution and struggle. he maintained his innocence as he did last night in this audio statement. >> they can take away my life make me as monster treat me as monster but can't take away my heart heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >>reporter: the lead prosecutor said both zapped 60 statements were in keeping with
9:32 pm
his behavior throughout the case. >> he displayed deviance, narcissism lack of feelingfor the pain he caused others. >>reporter: but defense attorney claimed the case was rushed to court. that he didn't have time to prepare a properefense. >> i just think there were so many different parties involved in this who wanted this to go away. >>reporter: sandusky security will likely be an issue as authorities try to figure out where to place him in the prison population. nature of his crime may make him a target for other inmates. tj, pennsylvia. >wellfarg nying t algations contned a federal civil suit accusing the bank of recklessly handing out government back home loans. the lawsuit filed in new york today seeks hundreds of millions of dollars in damage on behalf of the fha, federal housing authority. it doesn't make loans but it has backed thoughts of mortgages whose owners have deulted. gornmentawyers say the wells fao policed prof over
9:33 pm
pele and corrateesults over corrate integtyin handg out the me loans for its part t bank issd a statement saying it believes it acted as prudent and responsible lender and vowed to vigorously doe depend itself against this lawsuit. president obama is still out on the campaign trail tonight fresh from the fundraising trip to san francisco. president left bay area this morning with 4 million dollars roughly added to the campaign stash. once in ohio the president attended campaign rally at ohio state university where he your nored supporters to get out th votand directed them buses to give tem res to rly ting locations. new poll there shows the president lead narrowing in this key battle ground state. he hold as 51-47 percent lead among likely ohio vote engineers well the president is now being attacked for failing to mention the gas crisis during his bay area visit yesterday. state republican blame liberal i washinon a sacrameo r drivgrice abe 40 a
9:34 pm
gaon dav has details of this latest political attack. >> 3 gas stations that the busy san jose intersection have nearly identical prices. the customers are shocked. >> i'm just tired of paying high prices for gas. this is getting ridiculo. 4.49? >>reporter: triple a northern california sites power outage in southern cavalry finery last week as one reason. along with low inventory tied to this month switch over from summer to winter gas formula. however the california republican party is turning fuel praises into a political issue. it appealed for donation to elect g.o.p. candidate in the e-mail blast prominently displaying pump price. james identified herself as republican however she's unemployed and not able to make a contribution. do you think either candidate can do anything about gas prices in. >> no. >>reporter: still the appeal resonated with this gas customer who is filling his mercedes. would you be inclined to donate over gas
9:35 pm
prices. >> yes. yes. >>reporter: 5 dollars 10 dollars. >> yes. 5 dollars. >>reporter: democrat mcqueen says she wouldn't be supporting the g.o.p. fundraising effort. >> i think that the they are about getting rid of certain programs. a lot of people need help. they need the programs so no. no. >>reporter: fatigue over paying close to 5 dollars a gallon for gas may dissipate soon. triple a northern california says the peak has been reached. and prices should be dropping over the next few days. but pump price shock has left many consumers stunned and strapped. >> you have to stand out hear and pump gas on the lunch hour and end up being almost 70 dollars that's a big dl. th's a l o ney. >>report: do you thk eier candite can do much about gas pric. >> i don't know. i don't listen to the all that all the time but if they want to, they will. >>reporter: david reporting. average praise this california is 4.67 a gallon. local average rose or fell by only a
9:36 pm
fraction of the cent overnight except santa cr where gass a pey high tha it s monday. wl tere is n help for stgglinghomeowne in klandt ri o feclore. the citunveiled a new pl to rch out to at risk residents and provide them with homeowner and tenant counseling services as well as legal and financial help. oakland taking full advantage of the state bank settlement and new homeowner bill of rights act to prevent foclose across the city >> let blear. nt on do theoreclosureause devastating harm to the families who lose their homes, they also have been causing significant suffering throughout entire neighborhood neighborhoods. >> oakland has been particularly hard hit by the foreclosure crisis. city estimates 1 in 7 homeowner in oakland flat land received default noticeopen the mortgage inhe las5 yes. eucatnnews. sools i marin county taking a difrent
9:37 pm
neapproach to stop bullying. today 4 schools kicked off the no one eats alone campaign to prevent social isolation that can be such a problem for youngsters at school. education reporter lee ann has the story. >>reporter: let's face it. lunch time can be lone f me kids >> ii sialone i'm going to feel all sad becse, because like i can't, ty don't have no one to sit with. >>reporter: that feeling of not fitting in can be stressfu stressful. >> they go with other people and i just stay alone with my other friends and then l feel different. >>reporter: does th hu. kind of. >> i felt angry at them. >>reporter: those things don't happen any more to students at this middle school in san rafael. these white orange wrist band symbolize inclusion. >> if you see someone eating alone you want someone to come up to you and say you want to come eat with me. >>reporter: the idea started
9:38 pm
by laura who created an organization clled bond differces her ladauger li hd sn drm andhe say it affecd the y her assmesreat her. >> tease them an say is li occupy middle school. go become to the school and do the most psitive thing you can think of doing. but change the culture. >>reporter: the no one eats alone initiative has several trained team leaders monitoring the lunch hour. they are the ones in the black t-shirts. >> make sure that all the kid are involved and nobody is eating alone or feeling socially isolated. >>reporter: excluding someone is a type of bullying and studies have shown that this type of isolation has a significant impact on students way beyond the lunch room. when students engage with others educator say it changes how they interact in class. >> we see decrease in behavior problems. we see them more engaged. see them sharing. see the inner social school improving. >>reporter: goal is to have
9:39 pm
all middle high schools in marin county on board by the end of the school year. in san rafael, abc 7 news. stanford tomorrow the university will brick ground on the first of a kind energy facility that will help the school reduce the carbon footprint. we have an artist rendering from stanford of what it will look like when completed in a few years. it will use heat recovery to generate electricity and make stanford most energy efficient research universities anywhere in the world. stanford says carbon emission cut in half. water use will cropnd will ve estimated 300 million dollars over the next 35 years. all right. giants a's both try to stay alive in the division seevrments larry has highlights straight ahead. >> most violent mexican drug lord may dead. but now his body is missing. so what [ woman ] don't forgethat the yard work!
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking.
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standard at citibank. >> u.s. authorities tonight cap not confirm that one of mexico most feared drug lords is dead. body believed to be his was stolen by armed men this morning. mexican marine say they gunned down alberto on monday. they say he was at a baseball game. marin confronted him and killed him. they planned to prove the death u.s. drug authorities this week however a group of armed men raided the funeral home holding the body this morning. after shot out they took off with the body. he's suspected of leading mostiolentrug cart. violent clases in greece about 200 people arrested started as peaceful protest. until few hundred people broke free throwing rock and flare at riot police. authorities fought back. protest held for the arrival of german chancellor. germany the largest contributor of greece
9:44 pm
financial bale out provided by the european union. it led to severe cuts to greece national budget. >> much more warm reception for lady gaga in iceland. there she is. dozens of fans greeted her arrival today. lady gaga awarded lennon ono grant for peace awar at ceremony tonight. group honoring lady gaga says theyppreciat her work fightifor gay sbian a ansgenr righ. >se coinue tonig. therisittle knownabout why stonehenge exists or exactly what it was used for. however researchers now have new piece of the puzzle. what they found when they traced the rock formation with a laser. 7 news ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone...
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>> ler technology h hped
9:48 pm
cove new tails abouthe myeriousenglish landmar stonenge. reahers used lar to scan the ancient ck formation and art hidden over time though just object one side of stonehenge and determined people approached from that direction so it was adorn in more ornamental manne manner. evidence also suggests stonehenge was designed for optical viewing of the solstice. built in such away for more dramatic passage of sunlight. perhaps long before accu-weather stonehenge used to forecast the weather. good outside now. it's raining. this is 87 and san jose live picture. few drip and drab out there experience back with the forecast. >> showers down in san jose a little heavy earlier. we have widely scattered isolated showers in parts of the south bay and in some locations have been locally heavy downpour and you can see rain not very heavy
9:49 pm
in this spot at the moment. live doppler 7 hd and see on wider picture here we have widely scattered pockets of shower activity from actually just south of san francisco south down on the peninsula santa cruz mountains down into san jose. better picture you can see some activity offshore. hasn't t land yet. santa cruz untains, swer activity here and the heaviest activity s been rate here in san jose. give yoacloser look at that. you can see from sunnyvale san jose, coupe teen oshtion campbell little rain from this rather impressive little area of downpours and tomorrow we expect most of the bay area to be dry especially up north and over into the inland east bay under sunny skies. mild air but clouds in the south bay chance of showers and even thunder showers afternoon hours as the sun heat up the atmosphere over the santa cruz mountains. on to the 7 day forecast. dry out on thursday. start to warm-up on saturday. and sunday monday
9:50 pm
tuesday we expect inland high in the low to mid 80's. mid upper 70's around the bay mid upper 60's on the coast. now week fromhursd we are going toive away9,000ollars t lucky foy-niner f sta rosa and these won have already entered by going to our facebook page. go to our page and click the button that says win 49,000 dollars that will take you to on line entry form. winner announced after the forty-niner game which you can see right here on 7 october 18. big big deal. >> big day. excellent. get clos. thanks expense gineer sports dirtor larry biel is here. nothing larry focuses the mind like must win situation. >> fear is a wonderful motivator. end of the season. likewise. baseball season in the bay area lives on. giants pull one out on the road and cocoa crisp who made the huge error in game 2 goes over the wall tonightnd the a's still
9:51 pm
>> sf ming up nighatat 1
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11:00.san frcisc survisors are preping to vote right now on whether mirkarimi keeps his job. live report on what is happening at city hall coming up at 11:00. >> also. ticket confusion at the oakland coliseum. why people with tickets in hand were turned away at the gate. those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but that brings to us baseball and larry and what a great game. >> 37,000 that did get in. got a thrill. saw terrific game. after dropping 2 close games in detroit back home tonight for game 3 of the division play off series with the tigers and with the stands filled with green gold the a's got truly golden performance om anderson. check out the crowd. waiting 6 years for play off game. they were pumped. on the board first. base hit up the middle. the score. 1 nothing oakland. top of the second. catch of the play offs right here. fielder to center. he makes up
9:55 pm
for the huge error in game 2. you will hear from him in moment. he was thinki about it long day and tonight for hill. just mulling that error over but that was robbery ther there. then smith bottom of the fifth. 400 feet off sanchez. 2 nothing a's. anderson first game since straining his oblique days ago. welcome become to fielder nightmare. robbed earlier. tl play off all about pitching and defense. leaving his feet. full extension. fantastic. then tm grant comes in to close things out in the 9th. gets fielder again. to ground in the game ending double play. a's stay alive. shut out the tying twors nothing still down 2 games to 1 however against detroit. mike joins us live from the coliseum. 1 down 2 to go. >> as usual the players taking turns winning ball game as you mention. anderson
9:56 pm
stellar performancethth. smith hits the home run. cocoa crisp as you mention with a catch of the play offs. after the error in game two even admitted as veteran player like himself t cold front daenswas a little shakey coming in. >> to be on the densivend we had few blunder. it's going to happen. you hav have to b able to mentally get past that. it's tough. especially in these type of situation. grateful we had the off day to get fly ball. get my confidence back up. >> set the tone. don't ever expect that when pitching but he was tremendous. guy up the middle we tremendous. it was fun topitch. >> didn't change anything about the waye pled all season. went out there and the played the same way we have all year and we were rely on our starting pitching and reliever all the pitching for the entire year. they didn't disappoint today. >>reporter: the all right. the a's goat play one re gam game. game 4 set for 6:37 first pitch aj griffin on the
9:57 pm
hill. again must win situatio situation. at least they get to play. reporting leif at the coliseum mike, sov sports. >> thanks. giants basically in the same situation fighting to survive. they struck out 16 times tonight in cincinnati. got grand total of 3 base hits. and somehow won. in the play off series. with the reds. staying alive name of the game. giants drop the first 2 games at home. going for the sweep at great american ballpark. bailey he threw a no hitter on september 28. another one going tonight. sandoval one of the victims. he goes fichlt allowing 3 hits on the 1st inning. bruce knocks in tl and next inning down the right field line. ook at hunter here. charging. slides. up against the wall. makes the catch. 3rd inning. bailey tl giants fine valley a base run after walk and sacrifice giants
9:58 pm
score without a hit. angel fl fly. that brings in blanco and 1-1 game. move to the sixth. giants still hitless in the game but 2 outs marco breaks up the no no. unable to get them home. giants with runners at second and third. grounds to tl gold glover bobble it not in time. buster scores 2 1 giant giants. bottom 10 sergio final out. l giants survive another day. game 3 by final 2-1. >> eventually we just couldn't do anything. it's bailey. great stuff. command throwing hard out there. hitting spots. l you just hope your pitching comes through and gifts you a chance and what a job they did. >> so giants down 2 games to 1. force game 4 tomorrow that is a 1:07:00 p.m. first pitch pacific time in cincinnati. reds may go with johnny they have not made their decision
9:59 pm
yet. stanford goes to south bend, indiana annual battle with notre dam coming up. without montgomery. best threat injured on this play in the fourth quarter against arizona. calling ate lower body injury. fighting irish best season in years. undefeated rank seventh in the country. be stanford fourth straight rancho point and notre dame the defense they have allowed 3 touch downs in 5 games. >> one of the better complete teams this year. as far as the way they can run the ball. throw the ball. they play great team defense. solid on special team. so for us it take great team game to have a chance to win it. >> if there's one team that physically has baten us physically it's been stanford. >> they physically intimidated their opponent. and that's clear. >> that is a very good game. thanks that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here, thanks
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